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Let's make our playpark great again!​​

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Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, who have delivered a paper copy of the March 2018 survey to every house in Aberlour!

About PlayAberlour
PlayAberlour (Scottish Registered Charity SC047670) has been formed as a result of the Planning For Real process undertaken by the community of Aberlour in 2016.  ( Click here to see how the open consulting process worked, and the resulting Community Action Plan.)

The people of Aberlour clearly wished for Alice Littler Park to be improved and made accessible for all, and for places to be found for other kinds of recreational and social activities. Members of the community have volunteered to help make these wishes come true.

A redesign is long overdue in order to meet not only the needs of young children but also people of all ages and abilities, locals and tourists alike. Upgrading Alice Littler Memorial Park is our chance to fulfil what the village and surrounding community wants to see in their park. A park that is truly for all will help make Aberlour a fun place to visit and live.

Please join us and let's make our playpark great again!
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